Enjoy the journey
and get more satisfaction

Cherish each moment of your unique journey – from the smallest victories to the most profound insights that shape your path.

Embrace your personal rhythm in achieving success and growth. Discover the strength in your habits and the momentum of your progress.

Every step you take is a part of your individual growth story, unfolding at the pace that's just right for you.

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Use cases

Check out how SlowTracker can help you on a daily basis

Self-motivation booster

Visualize the journey you've made. A great tool for days when you need a reminder of how far you've come.

Work Log

Track your progress and easily report it to your employer, for example in a form of weekly update. Perfect for performance reviews and discussing promotions.

Building habits

Struggling with consistency? SlowTracker helps you build and maintain daily habits, whether it's mindfulness practice or any other routine.

Resume creation from work log

Easily transform your work log into a comprehensive resume. Showcase your achievements and experiences with just a few clicks.

Writing posts from lessons learned

Collect your experiences, lessons learned, and mistakes to effortlessly create engaging LinkedIn posts or articles.

Curating content from readings and videos

Keep a curated list of your read articles, books, and watched videos on specific topics, making it easier to reference and share knowledge.

What is worth saving in SlowTracker and why?

Learn how our users are using SlowTracker every day

Daily achievements

Logging daily small wins creates a positive feedback loop, reinforcing the habit of noticing and appreciating your own progress, which boosts self-esteem and motivation.

Learning and development milestones

Recording milestones in your learning journey allows you to see how far you've come, making it easier to overcome obstacles and maintain motivation to continue growing.

Health and fitness progress

Keeping track of health and fitness goals, like exercise routines or diet changes, helps in building and reinforcing healthy habits, leading to a better lifestyle and well-being.

Professional achievements

Documenting professional accomplishments can accelerate career growth by providing clear evidence of your capabilities and achievements during performance reviews or job interviews.

Personal reflections and insights

Saving insights from personal reflections encourages a deeper understanding of yourself, fostering personal growth and better decision-making skills.

Creative ideas and inspirations

Logging moments of inspiration or creative ideas can create a reservoir of resources that can be tapped into for future projects or when facing creative blocks.


Save your progress

Keep track of your progress, experiences, and lessons learned. Save wins and links to the finished work.

Never rely solely on your memory

Human memory is fallible, often focusing on future tasks and forgetting past successes. SlowTracker is here to ensure your achievements and learnings are always remembered and celebrated.

Your data, forever

Your data is yours. It's always private. We don't sell or share your data with anyone. You can download it any time.

Integrate with everything

Use our API to integrate SlowTracker with your favorite apps and services.

Unlimited records

We don't limit the number of added records. You can add as many as you want.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Begin your journey to a better self today. Sign up for a free account with SlowTracker and start documenting every step of your personal and professional growth. Celebrate your achievements, learn from your experiences, and share the story of your development. Start now and discover how far you can go!

Why "SlowTracker"?

In a world constantly rushing towards success, "SlowTracker" offers a sanctuary of calm and reflection. Our name reflects the philosophy of "slow life" - a conscious enjoyment of each moment, focusing on the quality of life rather than its pace.

"SlowTracker" is more than just a progress tracking tool; it's a space to celebrate every small step and appreciate the value in minor achievements. It enables you to:

  • Mindfully experience: Instead of relentlessly pursuing the next goal, we encourage a moment of reflection on the present, finding joy in the process, and appreciating the small victories.
  • Quality over quantity: We advocate for a focus on the quality of tasks and experiences rather than their quantity. SlowTracker helps you notice and appreciate the value of each achieved goal, no matter its size.
  • Gentle pace of growth: Rather than the constant pressure of rapid progress, SlowTracker supports a calm and steady development that is more balanced and fulfilling.

At SlowTracker, we believe that true progress and development happen when we slow down to appreciate our journeys and learn from each path we take.